03.10.12- “Desarrollo de competencias de comunicación en la Lengua Extranjera”


In the class on previous Wednesday, we talk about oral language.

And, I’m more convinced if it is possible about the importance of oral language.

Although in the classroom, it’s easy that children do their homework from books it’s much more significant for their learning to interact between them about different things at the appropriate level and so, classes will be more interesting and students will be more motivated.

With these classes, we will get that children will be autonomous and other important thing is that children, who are afraid of making mistakes, will take part in classroom if we’ll do possible classes which I talk previously.

This is possible and It’s our shift to make real with different resources, methods and processes.


Acerca de MOR (three twenty-aged-teachers)

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6 respuestas a 03.10.12- “Desarrollo de competencias de comunicación en la Lengua Extranjera”

  1. Gloria dijo:

    Hi! 🙂

    I’m a member of uptoyou.

    I really love the picture you have uploaded and I strongly believed in that statment.
    I hope we will be able to put it into practice at some point in the future.

  2. Fernando Massoh Regodón dijo:

    I completely agree with the main idea of this article, teachers should encourage students to participate without being afraid of making mistakes. The overall impression is also good.

  3. Pilar Molina González dijo:

    I am a memeber of Up to you!!
    First of all I would like to say that I love the “old picture” that it is at the entry of the blog where we can see a teacher reading a book to their pupils.
    Another message that I like it’s “don’t be afraid of making mistakes” because they are learning and it’s frequently to make mistake, they don’t know a lot of things.

  4. María P. Martín dijo:

    Hi all!
    I’m María of Up to You!
    I love this sentence “Don’t be afraid of making mistakes”. I also believe that many people don’t speak English because they think they are not prepared enough.
    On the other hand, I would like to know more about the group and his or her members.

    Finally I love your blog, but I think that you can write most of comments in English.

    By for now!

  5. Alba Quero dijo:

    I like your blog! You have written about many things that we have seen in class, so it is really useful! I also like the idea to contact you in order to ask some question or suggestion.
    Thanks guys!

    Alba Quero


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