Initially our concept of scaffolding was not very clear.

Although theoretically we knew its definition (it is a metaphor that refers to the use of assistance (scaffolding) by the teacher, parents, classmates, class, etc  in the learning process of the child. To the knowledge of the child will be building, scaffolding is removed), we had not experienced your concept in a practical way.

One of the activities that we did with the teacher Elvira was the analysis activities to primary school pupils. To help us, she gave us an example solved one of the activities. At the beginning do not we realized, but she was using a strategy of scaffolding so that we could carry out the activity by ourselves and so we could experience the scaffolding personally.

From that moment clarified us the concept of scaffolding.

It’s a way of acting, of teaching. The adult (teacher of parent) should make the child to interest in the task and then simplified the task by breaking it down into smaller steps. The adult stays with the child during all the learning process, encouraging him/her not to giving up, demonstrate how to do the task and reminding him/her what the goal was.

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Acerca de MOR (three twenty-aged-teachers)

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