Spain in the EU

We’ve said that languages are not right taught (as usual) in Spanish classes, but, why do we say that? Can we prove it?  On the following lines, we’re going to explain the differences between the Spanish language teaching and the Swedish one.




Acerca de MOR (three twenty-aged-teachers)

We're studying a degree in University of Málaga (Spain) to be Primary teachers. If you've some questions or suggestions or, simply, you want to contact, you can find us in this mail ( Thanks a lot for visiting.
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2 respuestas a Spain in the EU

  1. Jennifer Mª Ortega dijo:

    I didn’t know in what post write, but only I want to say you that your blog is nice. Only a thing: there is a noticeable contrast between posts. Even so, I think that your blog will be very well with the pass of the time. Good luck!

    Jennifer Mª Ortega (Group 10)

  2. R.Picó dijo:

    HI girls !! I’m looking forward to reading this post What an interesting topic!!! I did the same in my Erasmus It’s an excellent idea to know the different education systems in EU
    By the way I love your slogan ” Cambiemos la metodología en clase de Lengua Extranjera”


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