Stories and Storytelling

Well, today we have seen in class a new methodology of teaching English in the classroom, and we want to share it with you since we have found a very interesting and innovative method and this will help us in our teaching.

In this method, the teacher tells a story to students whereby students learn the English language.

Through this methodology, we develop the creativity and imagination of children. Reading, listening and responding stories develop communication. In addition through the stories to learn language we provide scaffolding, build vocabulary for children, we provide them with stimulus, etc.

When we use this methodology in classroom it’s important to remember that we need to give sense,repetitions, making gestures, making sounds,etc, when we are telling the story because it’s important for our students and their learning. In addition we have to instill in our students the idea that it`s not necessary understand all word, but it’s important understand the context.

Below you can see an example in the following video:


Acerca de MOR (three twenty-aged-teachers)

We're studying a degree in University of Málaga (Spain) to be Primary teachers. If you've some questions or suggestions or, simply, you want to contact, you can find us in this mail ( Thanks a lot for visiting.
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