“Pencil”, say the teacher, “this is a pencil”, and he adds, “computer; this is a computer. Ahora abrid los libros y haced el ejercicio 4 Complete the sentences”.

That’s all. That’s an English lesson in a normal Spanish classroom. Pointless. Nonsense. What is taught is not real English, but a sort of English which only exists in schools.

Every reflection that you’ll read here, will surround that idea.

English, and not only English, but all the foreign languages, is not right taught. Our professor said to us this morning: “If, when we were babies, we would had been spoken in the same way that English teachers teach their subject, we wouldn’t have ever learnt our language”.

We support the leaving of English language from classrooms, where it has been secluded for years. Teachers have to teach real language, not the one which has been born in books.

You can see this idea in our main photos. There’s one in which you can see an old classroom and an old teaching method.

In the other photo, it’s shown some children on the street, learning from real life, like they’re some sponges in a water tub.



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